At AMB if you have a vision, we have a plan!
We not only renovate and remodel single family homes, we can also handle large scale condos and office spaces, but don’t think that means that we won’t dedicate the same time, commitment , and effort to every space that we handle. Your time is our time. We work with you as much as for you. Our combination of top quality materials, innovation, diligent project management, round the clock communication with the client, and exceptional craftsmanship have not only put us ahead of the game, but we’re also able to help your dreams come to life.

Let’s start with your dream. Everyone has a vision of the space they want to live in. You come in with an idea and we bring that to life with our 3D drawing and layout of the space. Step by step when choosing everything from the perfect tile to the perfect paint color we are there with you every step of the way. Not only can we answer any questions or concerns you have about your project, we can also help guide you and show you the latest and greatest in the industry all while minding your budget.

Now let’s move on to work. Our employees treat your home, like their home. The hired professionals that will be working in your space are the best, cleanest, and most hardworking in the industry. Every job that is in progress is managed by a project supervisor to ensure your complete satisfaction along the way. There is no need to worry when AMB is working for you!

The final touches are the best part, your vision is finally coming to life. You see that all this time and decision making has finally made your house a home.