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AMB understands that no two businesses are alike – and we’ve built our services with this in mind. AMB services are designed to help you build and transform your home – so you can focus on turning dreams into reality.

So, how do you find the right balance of service and price to meet your unique needs? At AMB we’ve created our service offerings based on a powerful combination of service, knowledge, and partnerships so you can apply the right service, to the right need, at the right lime.

  • Maintenance
  • Exterior Maintenance
  • Remodeling
  • Painting Interior and Exterior
  • Commercial, Industrial and Residencial
  • Flooring Hardwood and Tiling
  • Deck and Patios
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Janitorial
  • Snow Plowing




No one has time to do everything, that's why you call AMB to take the load off! AMB is committed to full time maintenance of your residential properties. We handle all complaints in a prompt and timely fashion. Handling every issue with expert skill and top of the line tools. Anything from plumbing, to kitchens, to renovating the apartment for new residents. AMB is committed to giving your properties 24/7 access to our team to field all your needs immediately and professionally.

Our work is our reputation! Maintenance and full functionality at all times is our goal! Our work is our pride and when we are apart of your team you not only get our undivided attention but also our full commitment! Let us show you how much easier life can be with AMB!

Call us today with any inquiries and get a full and fair assessment of all your daily maintenance and janitorial needs.

Maintenance Services We Offer

We will handle all maintenance and repair requests from tenants and property owners.
We will maintain common areas for community associations in any type of community
We will supervise capital reserve projects.
We will obtain bids for maintenance and repairs when requested by investors, homeowners or Boards of Directors.
We offer 24-hour emergency maintenance services.
We report on preventative maintenance repairs to homeowners, investors or Board of Directors.
We oversee all scheduled property inspections.

Exterior Maintenance

Services Tuckpointing Masonry Repair Brick Repair Terracotta Repair Lintel Repair Parapet RepairCaulking Epoxy Injection Masonry Waterproofing Masonry Restoration Stone Replacement Below Grade Waterproofing Bentonite Panels & Rolls Self-Adhering Sheet Membranes Cold-Applied Rubberized Asphalt Membranes Chemical Grouting Deck Coatings Expansion Joint Systems Interior Vertical & Horizontal Exterior Vertical & Horizontal Seismic Vertical & Horizontal Parking Garages Vertical & Horizontal Parking Deck & Balcony Waterproofing Special Services Clear Water Repellents & Sealers Chemical Grout Injection Epoxy Pressure Injection Planter Waterproofing Pedestrian Deck Coating Systems Vehicular Deck Coating Systems Heavy Traffic Coating Systems Elastomeric Coatings Commitment and consistency make AMB the premier provider for quality waterproofing, restoration, and exterior maintenance.


At AMB if you have a vision, we have a plan!
We not only renovate and remodel single family homes, we can also handle large scale condos and office spaces, but don't think that means that we won't dedicate the same time, commitment , and effort to every space that we handle. Your time is our time. We work with you as much as for you. Our combination of top quality materials, innovation, diligent project management, round the clock communication with the client, and exceptional craftsmanship have not only put us ahead of the game, but we're also able to help your dreams come to life.

Let's start with your dream. Everyone has a vision of the space they want to live in. You come in with an idea and we bring that to life with our 3D drawing and layout of the space. Step by step when choosing everything from the perfect tile to the perfect paint color we are there with you every step of the way. Not only can we answer any questions or concerns you have about your project, we can also help guide you and show you the latest and greatest in the industry all while minding your budget.

Now let's move on to work. Our employees treat your home, like their home. The hired professionals that will be working in your space are the best, cleanest, and most hardworking in the industry. Every job that is in progress is managed by a project supervisor to ensure your complete satisfaction along the way. There is no need to worry when AMB is working for you!

The final touches are the best part, your vision is finally coming to life. You see that all this time and decision making has finally made your house a home.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Our painters are professional, approachable, and courteous of your environment.
We at AMB stand by our quality of work with thorough painting skills, respect and cleanliness of the work site. We believe the job is not complete until you are 100% satisfied.

With crews and trucks on the road at all times, we have the resources and experience to handle interior, exterior, commercial, and residential properties. We will work on your property non-stop from beginning to end and are readily available before, during and after the job is complete.

The longevity of the exterior of your home or building depends on the meticulous and diligent preparation of the painting surface, so that the finished product not only looks great but will also last for years to come. Our painters paint with pride and dedication. They take their time to thoroughly scrape, sand and power wash all paintable surfaces prior to the application of any primer or paint. They will fill any holes, patch minor cracks, caulk joint gaps and replace rotted or compromised wooden surfaces. We never paint over rotted wood. Using only premium products and applying them by brush (hand) you can trust that our paint job will last.

Vinyl & Aluminum Sided Homes
Many of the new acrylic latex paints are a perfect solution in that they can be used on clapboard, stained vinyl, or aluminum sided homes. We can make your house look new again.

Power Washing
We thoroughly power wash homes or decks that require mildew removal and a cleaning.

To make a lasting and beautiful finish to the interior of any home or building, surface preparation is the single most important aspect of the job. Through meticulous patching, sanding and caulking our painters eliminate imperfections in the ceilings, walls and trim. Using only the best paints and products on the market, our interior painters apply all coats with a brush and rollers providing the correct thickness of paint to the desired surface. All our interior painters have years of experience and are highly skilled.

Wallpaper Hanging
We hang all types of wall coverings.

While the final decision is ultimately the clients, we are there to offer our assistance in choosing colors that will enhance the outcome of the final product. Many homeowners struggle with this part of the process, just because there are so many options. Let us help you by getting to know what you want and laying out all of your available options.

Commercial, Industrial & Residencial

AMB Maintenance is available for work in any space that you need, which means everything from high rises, office space, and even your living room or kitchen. Our team of professionals is capable of working on any scale. We not only work on your specific repairs and renovations, but we also take the time to get to know what you want and we try to help you get it. As diverse as our projects have been over the years, one thing remains the same, our consistency in achieving your desired results! Whether it's a one bedroom apartment that needs a new kitchen, a bank that needs a new entrance, or a warehouse that needs new industrial doors, nothing is out of our reach. Don't forget the details though, even if it's as small as replacing your faucets we can do that too!

For us, no job is too small or too big! If you have an idea we are there to make it happen! Our range goes in accordance with your needs!!

We are committed to the highest quality work, prompt response, and resolve to see any job finished on time, from the owners down. Making sure our customers are satisfied with our work is our only goal, you can experience this first hand, no job is too difficult for our team, we practice our principles across the board, with every project we undertake.

AMB has handled commercial and residential projects on all scales. We understand project needs, no matter what size it is. Our policy of working with forward-thinking innovators and managers means that we always create functional solutions to meet your needs at surprisingly reasonable costs. We achieve great results by keeping things simple.

When you call AMB, you will find that we have the people and equipment to get the job done right and with minimal disruption to your home or business.

Flooring Hardwood and Tiling

At AMB your satisfaction always comes first. We are leading in the newest styles, trends, and designs of hardwood, carpet, laminate, resilient, tile and stone. We start with a custom in-home measurement and design consultation, and work with you through the entire installation process. With our many years of industry experience installing flooring, we offer not only expertise but also peace of mind; you can count on the job being done right the first time.

We offer a variety of services including free estimates, planning and designing, sanding, refinishing, staining, repair, and more. Whether you are refinishing the floors within your home or workplace or beginning a brand new construction project, AMB will guide you along every step of the flooring process. We'll cover everything you need to know from design to installation to proper maintenance techniques to keep your new floor in its pristine condition.

Not sure what this new floor project will cost you? Let us give you a free estimate!
Not sure exactly what you're looking for? Let us help you plan and design every detail!
Worried about the process? We take care of it all, sanding, refinishing, staining, repair, and more.
There's really nothing to worry about when you're working with AMB, whether you are refinishing the floors within your home or workplace or beginning a brand new construction project, AMB will guide you along every step of the flooring process. We'll literally cover everything you need to know from design to installation to proper maintenance techniques to keep your new floor in its pristine condition.

Deck and Patios

A patio or deck can make an exquisite addition to any home. It's a place to gather and come together whether it's a night relaxing or a day celebrating. At AMB we can transform any outdoor space into your own private escape. Much like the architect for your home, AMB's outdoor designers are trained to work with you to design a space you envisioned. We will work to: Use materials and design elements to fit your budget Utilize existing patios, landscaping, paths, even pools and incorporate them into your design Avoid overbuilding to make sure you have all the room you need for your planned activities Provide you with a working drawing for our proposal before we begin your project No matter the size or scale of the project we will work with you every step of the way to ensure what you want is what you get!

Water Damage Restoration


We don't cut corners, we clean them! With our highly experienced and dedicated staff AMB is your one-stop provider for facility cleaning. We are here and dedicated to customizing a service package to meet the unique needs of all your facilities. On a cleaning frequency of your choosing, we will keep your property's interior and exterior tidy on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis. We offer our customers the highest quality and environmentally safe janitorial services.

Some services that we offer include:

Daily, weekly, monthly cleaning services
Office system cleaning
Kitchen cleaning & sanitizing
Cleaning, sanitizing & restocking of restrooms
Window washing
Waste removal
Daily carpet care - vacuuming,deep cleaning & stain removal
Hard surface floor maintenance and cleaning
Entrances and lobbies - detailed cleaning of high use areas
Sanitization programs

Snow Plowing

AMB provides exceptional, high-quality snow removal and de-icing services, ensuring that our customer’s properties are safe from accidents due to ice build-up and excess snowfall. As one of the top snow removal and management service providers in Chicagoland, we are fully staffed and well equipped to handle the toughest winter storms. Our customers require their properties to be 100% liability free, accessible and safe during inclement winter weather, and that's what we base our business on. Plowing Snow blowing Snow clearing Parking lot salting Liquid ice control Sidewalk snow and ice clearing service 24 hour winter storm monitoring 24 hour office staff Snow Hauling & Off-site Removal Ice Removal On-Site Consultations Free Estimates Per-Time Programs Per-Hour Programs Seasonal Contracts Customized Service Contracts Emergency Response Service

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